Kim Kardashian Branded Domestic Abuser by Dr. Drew (watch) 1Kim Kardashian drew the strongest rebuke yet in her failed marriage. Celebrity psychologist Dr. Drew Pinsky said he was horrified to watch Kim throw her full weight behind a punch to husband Kris Humphries chest, calling it flat-out domestic violence.

Kim is trying desperately to repair her shattered image after ditching Humphries a mere 72 days after their blowout $18 million wedding.

The premiere episode of her reality show “Kourtney & Kim Take New York,” was re-edited to focus on the marriage and to make Kim look like she was justified in seeking a divorce.

But a scene where Kim punches Chris for accidentally breaking her toenail has sent up warning flags, according to Pinsky, who analyzed the scene (Nov. 29) on his HLN show.

“What you are seeing there is domestic violence,” Pinsky said. “A lot of people watching this may not understand this, and I get that.

“It looks playful; what’s the big deal, but it is a massive deal and it’s important,” he said.

He called the scene “incontrovertible evidence” of a domestic violence relationship.

After Kim slugs Kris, he grabs her arms and for a moment the 6’9″ pro basketball player struggles to restrain her.

His guest, Clinical Psychologist Michelle Golland strongly agreed.

“We wouldn’t let our children do this to each other,” she said.

Pinsky called domestic violence a massive problem in our culture, said it was illegal and noted that it progresses.

“Size or gender doesn’t matter, it goes to a horrible, horrible place,” he explained.

Humphries reportedly watched the episode with “utter horror” at the way he was depicted.

“This is serious stuff. Michelle and I see this out in the world everyday.”