Chloe Moretz ASOS magazine

Chloe Moretz is winning raves for her movie roles and her fashion spreads. (Photo: Asos)

Chloë Moretz is the latest young teen Hollywood star to go from the big screen to the pages of fashion magazines to satisfy the industry’s hunger for younger and younger models. So far she’s avoided being over-sexualized.

A passel of young teen stars, from Hailee Steinfeld to Elle and Dakota Fanning can’t say the same. They’ve raised eyebrows with provocative poses that have caused an uproar for their overt sexuality.

Chloe Moretz Hot to Trot
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Moretz is as hot as they come for an actress who is still has a way to go before she can even drive a car.

Her new movie “Hugo” is winning critical praise while she has graced the pages of everything from Teen Vogue to the hipster Interview magazine to high-fashion Love magazine.

Her latest shoot for ASOS magazine is equal parts sass and youthful innocence.

The clothes are multi-colored ASOS Collection creations inspired by carnival rides and arcade games. Chloë sports candi-colored pink and blue braids in photos by Alex Sainsbury.

Zeba Lowe handles the styling while Chloë rides rides bumper cars, sits on popcorn machines and hangs out at a vintage-looking amusement park.

At the London premiere of “Hugo,” she wore a sophisticated long-sleeved black Pucci lace dress and got to meet Prince Charles and Camilla for the Royal Film performance.

Chloë plays Isabel a friend of the main character, Hugo Cabret, played by English actor Asa Butterfield, also 14.

Hugo live secretly in the walls of a Paris train station, where Isabel’s godfather, played by Ben Kingsley, owns a toy store.

Hugo, who helps his uncle maintain the station’s clocks is desperate to repair a damaged automaton toy because he believes it holds a message from his dead father.

Isabel befriends him and the two work on the automaton together until they are able to discover its true message.

The Martin Scorsese-directed 3-D film has won rave reviews, as has Chloë. Check out her photos above and a trailer below.