Selena Gomez to Get 'Raw' in Harmony Korine Film (video) 1Selena Gomez takes a walk on the wild side in her next movie. She’ll team up with Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Roberts in “Spring Breakers,” her darkest, most sexually charged film yet.

In the Harmony Korine film, Selena will play one of three broke college girls who team up to rob a restaurant to pay for a spring break trip.

The next thing you know, the trio runs into a drug and arms dealer and all kinds of havoc breaks loose.

There have been no reports whether the film will involve nudity, but Korine is known for risque, avant garde films, according to Variety

Just to give you a taste of his style, his 1995 film, “Kids,” is about a group of sexually active New York City teens, including an HIV-positive skateboarder who tries to have sex with as many virgins as possible.

The film caused an uproar for its portrayal of underage sex and drug use, and was slapped with an NC-17 rating, so, obviously, no kids could see it.

Likewise, “Spring Breakers” is being described as a “dark” film.

Nonetheless, Selena says she is looking forward to the meatier role.

“It’s a different character than I have ever played before,” she told MTV. “It’s a different kind of vibe I think than people are used to seeing in me.

“What you’re going to see is more raw, I think. It’s going to be raw and more about acting,” the 19-year-old star added.

This could put her leaps and bounds ahead of Miley Cyrus.

Co-star Hudgens, 22, another Disney alum, is one or two steps ahead of Gomez.

The “High School Musical” has appeared in racy girl-flick “SuckerPunch” and is set to appear in “Gimme Shelter,” where she plays a pregnant homeless teen.

Roberts, 20, is probably the most seasoned of the three.

The daughter of actor Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts, she’s also a former teen star, and has appeared in a slew of indie films.