Michael Fassbender's Shame Subway Sex Fantasy (watch!) 1Michael Fassbender is caught in a tensely erotic moment on the subway…yes, the subway, in Steve McQueen’s drama “Shame,” which is played out in a new red-band trailer.

The trailers are so named because the opening screen is red to indicate that the trailer should only be viewed by “restricted” or “mature” audiences.

McQueen has been fighting with The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) over the upcoming drama’s rating.

The film has officially received an NC-17 rating for sex and nudity, and McQueen has refused to cut scenes to qualify for a less restrictive “R” rating.

Most large theater chains won’t show an NC-17 film, because they believe the audience is too restricted to make money.

“Shame” contains graphic sex and full frontal nudity, but those scenes are said to be integral to telling the story about an out-of-control sex addict living in New York City.

Fassbender won the best actor award for his role at the Venice Film Festival, and is considered a contender for an Oscar.

The new trailer captures the film’s taut sexual tension as Fassbender’s character Brandon stares at a woman across the aisle on a subway.

She notices his attention and both seem to fantasize about the other, captured in quick cuts to erotic scenes.

There is no dialogue or music in the clip, yet none seems to be needed. Instead, visual effects power the trailer.

Carey Mulligan, who plays Brandon’s sister, is not shown. She travels to New York, hoping to help her brother overcome his sex addiction.

Two other trailers have been released, but this is the first to receive a restricted rating.

“Shame” opens in theaters Dec. 2. Watch the trailer below: