Lady Gaga Drops Marry the Night Mega Video (watch!) 1Lady Gaga takes a bizarre trip to the hospital, performs ballet, dyes her hair, writhes naked in a bathtub like a scalded mermaid and dance, dance, dances in her new 14 minute video for “Marry the Night.”

Gaga has been teasing the video by releasing snippets of scenes from the epic production, which is only outdone by Kanye West’s 34-minute video for his song “Runaway.”

The song doesn’t actually start until about the eight-minute mark in the video. Before that, Gaga does voice over for what are supposed to be semi-autobiographical scenes.

The video was shot in New York in October.

“I had some inside info … lots of explosions, lots of hair, lots of makeup, lots of symbolism, lots of Gaga,” one fan told MTVNews. “It’s gonna be perfect.”

In her recent Vanity Fair interview, Gaga said the video would retell the worst day of her life.

Is it a drug overdose? A death in the family?

No, it’s apparently the day she was dropped from Island Def Jam record label, she told EOnline.

The video opens up with a seen previewed last month. A dark-haired Gaga is on a gurney being wheeled into a hospital. Earlier it was speculated to be a psych ward.

As a nurse tends to her, Gaga begins to cry. “I’m going to be a star,” she says, “because I have nothing left to lose.”

The nurse calls her a “morphine princess,” suggesting the trip is all about a drug overdose.

But then the nurse advises her to abstain from intimacy for two weeks, which suggest an abortion.

The video then cut’s to Gaga’s past as a ballerina. A crazy hyena is in the background and a mirror gets smashed, a la “Black Swan.”

Well, you get the drift. It’s only gets crazier from there. Check out the video below.