Miley Cyrus returned to “Saturday Night Live” last night (Dec. 3), but probably in a way that would annoy the ex-Disney sweetheart. She was lampooned for her “stoner” screw up.

Cyrus, 19, celebrated her birthday last weekend at Beacher’s Madhouse Club in Los Angeles with her BFF Kelly Osbourne.

A 43-second video from the party surfaced on the Internet in which Miley, with Kelly standing next to her, seemingly admited smoking copious amounts of pot.

That was enough for SNL to resurrect its “Miley Cyrus Show,” skit this weekend. Vanessa Bayer played the teen star.

The skit seems to be slotted every time Miley raises eyebrows, which is often. Miley even played herself on one occasion with Justin Bieber.

Bayer gives her best impression of Miley stoned, complete with the giggles, nonsensical comments and the munchies.

Dad Billy Ray Cyrus leads her band. “You’re like a funny little Cheech Marin baby,” he exclaims.

Steve Buscemi plays Jeff, who Miley says she met at the Burning Man Festival, a desert celebration of off-the-grid lifestyles.

Miley shows off a psychedelic video they made together, prompting daddy to reveal he’s invited someone on the show who can warn her about the dangers of drugs.

Maya Rudolph makes a surprise appearance as Whitney Houston, who has had her own struggles with crack cocaine.

Since the uproar over Miley’s comments, her BFF Osbourne has gone on Twitter to let everyone know that Miley was just joking about being a pothead.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it. And, check out the video below. Maya steals the show.