Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart May Be Over as Couple 1Robert Pattinson appears to have moved on from Kristen Stewart after he was spotted over the weekend ending a night out by driving off in a car with “Disturbia” actress Sarah Roemer.

Rob ducked his head to avoid paparazzi but hung out with Roemer in a very public celebrity watering hole, suggesting that he has one of the most open relationships in the world with Kristen, or they don’t have any relationship at all.

Roemer, 27, was already waiting in the car when the 25-year-old actor came out of the bar and jumped in with her. Of course, she could have just been giving him a ride home. Believe it?

Rob may have been playing defense with Roemer, sidling up with her to thwart advances by other women.

“Rob was literally fending off advances from girls, left and right,” one onlooker told X17-Online.

“Every female in the bar wanted to get close to him and for the most part, he politely ignored them but one girl caught his eye and she left with him!”

Pattinson and Roemer spent the evening with friends in the bar, before the group made their way to Soho House in West Hollywood, which is a closely watched by roaming paparazzi.

Both Pattinson and Roemer were snapped by photographers leaving.

Oddly, Stewart, 21, went as far as she’s ever gone in confirming her relationship with Rob during interviews while promoting “Breaking Dawn, Part 1,” the next to the last film in the “Twilight” vampire series.

She confessed to the UK edition of GQ magazine that she had an “English boyfriend.”

The two have been rumored to be an off-screen couple going back to their first movie in 2008.

During a promotional stop in Sweden with Twilight co-star Ashley Greene, Rob also let slip that Kristen was his girlfriend.

It happened when he was talking about Edwards initial reaction to Bella’s pregnancy.

“The story is no one really knows what she’s pregnant with… I mean it would be a very strange way to react in reality,” he said laughing.

“I mean if your girlfriend gets pregnant, and you’re like ‘What is that?'” he says, laughing hysterically.

Ashley quickly corrected him: “No, your wife,” she said.

Roemer is also the polar opposite in looks compared with Kristen, who at 21, may be too young to settle down. So what gives?