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Lindsay Lohan Leaked Playboy Photos Hot, Blonde, Red

Lindsay Lohan’s widely anticipated Playboy photos were just too hot to keep under wraps. Nearly a dozen of the actress have gone viral on the Internet, and largely deliver as promised.

Lohan’s Playboy cover was the first to go viral and appeared in TheImproper on Wednesday (Dec. 11).

The cover showed her sitting astride a red chair with the back, Playboy’s iconic logo, artfully covering her private parts.

Playboy executives were reportedly taken by surprise and “freaking out,” according to gossip Web site TMZ. But they may be feigning mock horror.

It seems like every time Playboy has a big shoot upcoming in its magazine, photos leak. The same thing happened when the magazine ran a spread of Kim Kardashian.

The magazine probably has dozens if not hundreds of photos from two separate shoots with Lohan, and the photos that appear in the published edition may be entirely different.

The leaked photos are largely as advertised. They feature Lohan channeling Marilyn Monroe, who was the first sex siren to appear naked on Playboy’s cover in the 1950s when the magazine debuted.

Hugh Hefner reportedly paid close to $1 million for the photo shoot, and it was supposed to include full-frontal nudity.

While Lohan is fully nude, none of the photos expose Lindsay’s vagina, and could be considered tasteful as nude photos go. Whether the magazine shots are the same remain to be seen.

In contrast, Kardashian’s Playboy shoot included the full monty.

Lohan, 25 reportedly had negotiated as part of the deal that she would appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Dec 15 to personally unveil her Playboy cover.

The full issue is expected to hit the newsstands in a week. If these are the real photos, it’s uncertain whether Playboy has time to remake the issue.

Playboy execs reportedly fear that the leaks could damage sales, but more likely they will cause sales to spike as fans rush to buy what could be a collector’s issue.

The company has printed thousands of extra copies in anticipation of a sales boom, TMZ reported.

Lohan looks stunning in the shoot, and wisely, the magazine did not airbrush out her freckles. If this doesn’t help relaunch he career, nothing will.

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