Alec Baldwin Pops Up on SNL to Lampoon Airline (watch) 1Alec Baldwin finally got the apology he deserved in his fiasco with American Airlines. The plane’s pilot, a mustachioed Capt. Steve Rogers, did the honors last night on “Saturday Night Live.”

Actually it was Baldwin in disguise, trying to put the best face possible on an episode of overweening celebrity self-entitlement that got him kicked off an American Airlines flight.

The mortal sin? Refusing to turn off and put away his iPhone when told to do so by a flight attendant.

Dressed as the supposed captain, Baldwin made a surprise appearance during Seth Myers’ “Weekend Update” skit.

“It was awful Seth,” Baldwin said. “Which is why it was important for me to come here and on behalf of everyone at American Airlines, issue an apology to Mr. Alec Baldwin!”

“Mr. Baldwin is an American treasure!”

Seth feigned discomfort as Alec humbly apologized to himself, hinting, a times, for him to give up and get out.

Baldwin was playing an iPhone game “Words With Friends,” and refused to turn the phone off as the plane was preparing to leave the gate.

The “30 Rock” star reportedly stomped back to the bathroom and slammed the door so hard it startled the pilot in the cockpit, who went out to investigate.

“It was also reported that Alec Baldwin slammed the bathroom door so loudly it could be heard in the cockpit” Meyers said.

“Now Seth, Words with Friends can be frustrating,” Captain Rogers explained.

“But when you think you’re about to play ‘jailers’ off of somebody’s ‘quiche’ and you realize you don’t have the ‘i’ – let me tell you – that would make you slam the door too!”

“Don’t phones interfere with the plane’s communication system?” Myers asked.

“Oh, you don’t believe that, do you, Seth? Would you really get on an airplane that flies 30,000 feet in the air if you thought a Kindle switch would bring it down? Come on it’s just a cruel joke perpetrated by the airline industry.”

The airline, of course, didn’t find the whole episode a laughing matter. After Baldwin complained about it on Twitter, it issued a lengthy statement explaining his bad behavior.

Now some flight attendants have asked the airline to put Baldwin on a no-fly list and remove “30 Rock” from its in-flight entertainment schedule.