Playboy's Hugh Hefner Hit by Lindsay Lohan Curse (video) 1Playboy’s Hugh Hefner has been hit by the Lindsay Lohan curse. Her much ballyhooed photo spread, for which he paid near $1 million, is being widely criticized and even one of his own, Playmate of the Year 2010 Hope Dworaczyk, has dissed it.

Lohan’s nude photo shoot was supposed to mark a rebirth for his troubled magazine, and reverse a 42 percent circulation decline last year to 1.5 million from 2.6 million.

At first the photo shoot appeared to pay off with a huge wave of publicity. But then things started to go just like Lindsay life… horribly wrong.

First the cover of the magazine leaked over the Internet. Then, some Eastern European hacker got his hands on a copy of the magazine and posted her photos online. The multiplied on hundreds of sites.

The pictures were near universally panned, because of heavy airbrushing and Lohan’s modest poses.

Hefner unleashed his legal dogs to round up the copies with take down notices to Web sites, and he moved up the magazine’s publication.

But to add insult to injury Dworaczyk told gossip Web site TMZ she was unimpressed with the photos.

“I saw that spread… and I was not impressed,” she said. “I just feel like if I would have known I was doing a Playboy shoot, I would have worked out more maybe.”

Ouch. Check out the video below.

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