Kim Kardashian Gives Kris Swift Kick on Reality Show 1

(Photo: INFDaily)

Kim Kardashian engaged in more aggressive behavior toward husband Kris Humphries in the latest episode of “Kourtney & Kim Take New York.” She kicked him in the leg hard enough for him to protest, “Baby, that hurt!”

Celebrity psychologist Dr. Drew Pinsky said he was horrified to watch Kim throw her full weight behind a punch to husband Kris Humphries chest during a show last month.

He called it flat-out domestic violence. But that was nothing compared to her swift kick to Kris’s leg.

The latest episode seemed to be edited, once again, to show Kris as a troublemaker and lout.

The trouble started when he tried to talk Kourtney baby daddy Scott Disick into having people over to their Manhattan hotel suite, while Kim and Kourtney were out of town.

But Scott wanted nothing to do with it, especially after Kim and Kourtney said they didn’t want people over.

“Scott, you’re whipped,” said Kris. “She’s going to think it’s okay for me to act like that and that’s the norm. That is not the norm with us.”

After Kim’s sneers, Kri burps in her face.

“That is so gross,” she says.

Kim begins picking at his teeth with her finger nail, provoking a reaction in Kris.

“Stop!” he shouts, grabbing her head and interjecting, “You have bumps on your face.”

That was enough for Kim to scream “Get off me!” and give Kris a swift kick in the thigh with her heel.

“Baby, that hurt!” Kris said plaintively.

Later when Kris is out with Scott he brings up the party idea again. Scott warns that they’ve been told no.

That provokes a reaction in Kris that surely must have been scripted to make him look like an insensitive lout.

“You’re just like Bruce [Jenner] and all the other … “whipped Kardashian men,” says Kris.

“It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees, bro,” Kris adds.

Kris and Scott go round and round about the party, until it seemed just a little too obvious that this was a plot line for the show.

“Why should we live in a home where we feel like we can’t have a party?” says Kris. “This is the first of many small get-togethers we’ll be having when they’re gone.”

Kris tries to cover his tracks after the party, but what’s this? Kim gets photos from the party in an email.

“I honestly am going to KILL Kris,” says Kim.

Well, that would be murder. But she did the next best thing. She divorced him. What a surprise.