Anne Hathaway's Catwoman in New Dark Knight Trailer (watch!) 3

(Photo: INFDaily)

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman appears in the new “Dark Knight Rises” trailer with an ominous warning for Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne. “A storm is coming, Mr. Wayne,” she hisses. “And you and your friends better batten down the hatches.”

Selina Kyle (Hathaway), aka Catwoman, corners Wayne (Christian Bale) during a ball when all is calm in Gotham, so calm that the city’s hard charging Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) is being pushed out of a job.

But clouds are building on the horizon, very dark clouds. “You think this can last?” says Selina.

“There’s a storm coming…When it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

The trailer also provides a nice sequence of the evil Bane.

The clip opens appropriately enough with visions of good and evil. A young boy signs the National Anthem at a Gotham Rogues football game, as the evil Bane emerges from a tunnel, likely under the stadium.

The boy’s haunting signing provides a backdrop as the clip foreshadows Gordon’s ouster. The action stars when Bane leads a prison inmate rebellion and the Rogue’s field explodes.

Standing over a wounded Bruce Wayne, Bane rasps, “When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die.”

The film is set to open in July 2012. Click below to see the trailer.

Anne Hathaway's Catwoman in New Dark Knight Trailer (watch!) 4