Justin Bieber Stonewalling Alleged Baby Mama, Lawyer Charges 1Justin Bieber is having a high-profile Christmas, but a lawyer for alleged baby mama Mariah Yeater says the pop star’s team is stonewalling their efforts to resolve her paternity case.

Yeater’s Chicago lawyer and paternity expert, Jeffrey Leving, told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper that the pop star’s camp has been non-cooperative in resolving the case.

So far, they have refused to agree on a paternity test for Justin that meets legal requirements in such cases and is suitable to both sides.

“Bieber’s counsel hasn’t told me where Bieber’s alleged DNA is secured, nor has provided information substantiating the chain of custody and protocol utilized in the claimed DNA collection and testing,” Leving said.

Those are important factors in such cases because a test can be easily faked or the sample can be contaminated.

Since taking over the case, Leving has withdrawn Yeater’s paternity lawsuit and has been trying to resolve the matter privately.

But things could change without Bieber’s cooperation, he said.

“If negotiations with Bieber’s counsel do not result in DNA testing of everyone under mutually agreeable and controlled conditions, then the legal proceedings will likely need to be refiled,” he said.

The end result could be a messy public hearing and a court-ordered paternity test.

Bieber has maintained that he is not the father of the San Diego woman’s baby ever since the story broke in early November.

He could have quickly put the matter to rest by cooperating on a DNA test. Instead, he’s let the controversy drag out, which suggests he’s got something to hide.

In the intervening time, Yeater’s ex-boyfriend Robert Powell, said in a tell-all tabloid interview, that Bieber is not the father.

“She lied,” Powell told RumorFix. He said Yeater picked up $50,000 for her story from a tabloid and just used Bieber because he is a big name.

“She just picked [Justin Bieber], because she thought he was famous and all and thought she could get a lot of money by telling the magazine Justin was the father. She just saw him as an opportunity to make a lot of money.”

Yeater, however, is holding steadfastly to her claim.

She told The Sun-Times she knows Powell but insists he is not the father.

“I dropped my lawsuit, but never my claim. I still definitely want a DNA test and I want to refile my paternity case. I do believe he is the father,” Yeater told the paper.