Josh Lucas stars as Mitch McDeere in the new NBC drama “The Firm,” which picks up where the John Grisham novel and hit 1993 Tom Cruise movie, left off. Mitch is 10 years older and emerging from witness protection.

Both the book and the Cruise movie where hugely popular. Seven million copies of the book sold, while the movie grossed more than $270 million worldwide.

Hopefully the third time will be the charm for the adaptation of a Grisham book for television. In 1995, his book “The Client” was the basis for a CBS series by the same name. It lasted 21 episodes.

In 2003, “The Street Lawyer” was adapted from Grisham’s 1998 novel by the same name and was developed as a series for NBC. But the show never made it on the air.

The new show will premiere Jan. 8, 9 p.m. EST with a two hour episode and will air on Thursdays at 10 p.m. after that, beginning Jan. 12.

The network just released a five-minute preview of the show that includes commentary from Grisham, Lucas and stars Molly Parker, Juliette Lewis and Callum Keith Rennie. The show’s writers and executive producers also weigh in.

The clip opens with McDeere running through what looks like the streets of Washington, D.C. with a briefcase pursued by two me.

He makes it to a telephone booth (what no cell phone) and telephones his wife. “Abby,” he says, “it’s happening, again.” The scene then cuts to Grisham for some background.

“It’s original, even though it’s sort of a sequel,” Grisham says.

Lucas adds: “He and his family are put in witness protection. They have decided after 10 years that they are safe and that they can come out.”

The family moves to Washington, D.C. and open their own small firm, and they get caught up in another conspiracy.

“Mitch is a very complex man in that he’s a very smart, very independent, very resourceful, I think brilliant lawyer in many ways,” Lucas says.

“You have the great responsibility of taking on a character who is as famous and infamous as any character that John Grisham has ever written.”

Check out the preview below: