Lady Gaga Drops Xmas Gift: 'Stuck On Fu*kin' You' (listen) 1Lady Gaga showcased her Lower East Side singer/songwriter roots at the stroke of mid-night last night by releasing, as promised, an unpublished song she penned on her Monster Ball tour bus.

“Merry X-mas Little Monsters! Listen Here to my unreleased song ‘Stuck On Fuckin’ You'” she Tweeted at mid-night.

Before she sold out and became a dance pop queen, Gaga, then known as Stefani Germanotta, pounded out bluesy, rock-inflected songs in LES clubs.

She was one of those artists who smoked cigarettes, got high and talk fiercely about integrity, while dreaming of making it big like Billy Joel.

If the song sounds like a tour bus jam, that’s because Gaga says she wrote it in Minnesota After the Monster Ball on the tour bus.

“We recorded it in one shot. Fernando on guitar, Paul on Drum Machine. I wrote, sang it, and freestyled the last minute + a half of the song,” she wrote.

That track was considered for Born This Way, and it’s clear to see why; it’s close in style to her track “You and I.”

No need to over-analyze it. The song at its most basic is a ditty about a boy crush. Or is that a girl crush?

“I don’t want just another boy or a girl
Baby you and I,
you and I could change the world.”

Check out the tune below.