Taylor Lautner Gay People Magazine Cover: Is It Real? (See It!) 1Taylor Lautner has more than tweens lusting after him. The “Twilight” star is a hot gay icon and for a brief, fleeting moment, gaydar flew off the charts when it appeared as though People magazine was outing the teen star.

A purported cover for the upcoming Jan. 12 issue featured Lautner announcing he is gay with the blazing headline “Out & Proud.” The cover went viral on Twitter and a number of web sites reported the story as if it were true.

“Proud of Taylor Lautner for his bravery and his courage,” Tweeted music mogul Russell Simmons, only to retract his statement later.

“Disappointed that people would joke about someone coming out about their sexuality. Let Taylor Lautner be whoever he wants to be…” he wrote.

Indeed, the cover, although well-done, is a fake. People magazine rushed out a statement this evening (Dec. 26) flatly declaring that the cover was not one of theirs, according to GossipCop. Nor do they have such a story in the works.

Check out the fake cover; click to enlarge.

Taylor Lautner Gay People Magazine Cover: Is It Real? (See It!) 2Taylor Lautner apparently did one too many shirtless scenes in the Twilight movies. He’s now a gay icon, and the question of whether he swings that way is at the root of an Internet hoax. Check out the photo; click to enlarge.

It what may be one of the biggest Internet hoaxes in a while, the story sent “Taylor Lautner” to the top of search engine requests.

Along with the story’s glaring headline, a cover subhead read: “Tired of the rumors, the Twilight star opens up about his decision to finally come out.”

“I’m more liberated, and happier than I’ve ever been,” the star was quoted as saying in the cover blurb.

In October, TheImproper reported that questions about Taylor’s sexuality came up in an interview with the Australian editon of GQ magazine.

He was asked if director Gus Van Sant and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, both gay, hit on him while they were having dinner together at a Los Angeles restaurant in June.

“No, definitely not,” Lautner replied. “I think they know I’m straight. But they’re great guys. They’re a lot of fun.”

So, he is straight. Got that? Or he’s still in the closet. Take your pick.