Russell Brand Set to Cash In on Katy Perry Divorce 2Russell Brand may have been put out by Katy Perry’s constant touring, but he’s set to cash in on it if their divorce goes through. Would you believe $31 million?

Brand, 36, is entitled to half the couple’s earnings during their marriage under California law, providing there is no prenuptial agreement. It just so happens that the 14 months of their marriage were Katy’s most productive.

During that time, she had five No. 1 hits on the singles charts and was on the road for most of the year on her sold-out California Dream tour.

Perry, 27, didn’t sign a pre-nuptial agreement when they married in October 2010, according to reports. But whether he accepts the money is another question. Brand may be too proud to take Katy’s money.

Perry is worth at least $31 million, according to a Fortune magazine estimate, and some believe her net worth is much higher because of non-stop touring and commercial ventures, such as fashion shoots.

Brand has an estimated net worth of about $18 million from his stand-up tours and movies ‘Get Him To The Greek” and “Arthur.”

Lawyers for the UK comedian filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing “irreconcilable differences,” after the couple took separate Christmas vacations.

Exactly how the Hollywood storybook marriage broke down has been subject to widespread speculation in the media, with sources on both sides siting numerous shortcomings and differences between the two.

One thing seems to be certain, the couple argued constantly and threatened divorce more than once.

“I believe the filing of this divorce was as childish as many of their arguments. It was a case of ‘I’m dumping you before you can dump me,’ a total pride thing,” one former assistant told the UK’s Sun newspaper.

“I don’t think Russell liked that Katy was was the bigger star. He’d pick her to pieces over the most trivial things.”

The couple also fought because Brand, a recovering alcoholic, is a homebody, while Perry loves going out socializing.

Since Brand filed for divorce, there have also been some reports that a reconciliation is possible.