Dakota Fanning HotDakota Fanning’s days as jailbait are drawing to a close and for once she’s trading her tarted up Lolita look for grown-up sophistication in a new photo shoot for the UK edition of Elle magazine.

Dakota, 17, and 13-year-old sister Elle Fanning have been pushing the envelope on the sexualization of young teen girls in fashion photo shoots.

The Fannings last appeared in fashion bible W magazine in a photo spread that would have made Miley Cyrus blush.

The fashion industry is leading the charge in the sexualization of young teens. A Marc Jacobs perfume ad featuring Dakota was recently banned in Britain for being too sexually provocative.

Check out Dakota’s photos; click to enlarge.

Dakota Fanning Swaps Lolita for Luscious in Elle UK (photos) 1Dakota Fanning Swaps Lolita for Luscious in Elle UK (photos) 2Dakota Fanning Swaps Lolita for Luscious in Elle UK (photos) 3Dakota Fanning Swaps Lolita for Luscious in Elle UK (photos) 4Dakota Fanning Swaps Lolita for Luscious in Elle UK (photos) 5Dakota Fanning Swaps Lolita for Luscious in Elle UK (photos) 6

Dakota Fanning: Come Hither

In her latest turn, Dakota sports heavy red lipstick and come hither looks but exudes a more mature sexuality. She’s decked out in Louis Vuitton and Prada.

Shot by David Slijper, Dakota’s cover photo is a tight close up of her beautiful face with a look at still seems to channel Lolita.

Sister Elle, meanwhile, appears on the January issue of Teen Vogue looking totally age appropriate for once with light make up and a more teen-like bright red, sleeveless sweater blouse.

In the accompanying interview, Dakota only has nice things to say about her little sis; no sibling jealously here.

“She is incredibly free-spirited and totally wears her heart on her sleeve, you know exactly what she is thinking by taking one look at her. She’s just incredibly… I don’t know, I wish I could be more like her sometimes,” she says.

“We see ourselves as to completely different entities. I mean, we don’t even look alike.”

Dakota Fanning: No Age Limit on Interest

Although there has been a lot of fuss about her age, Dakota thinks it’s only a number. “I feel like I’ve lived a long time, but then I realize, ‘Oh, I’m actually only 17.’

“I don’t think there should be an age limit on an interest, do you know what I mean?” says the actress, who turns 18 in February.

Dakota is also refreshingly unassuming given her career. 
”I just want to be an actress, she says. I don’t really do anything attention-grabbing. Famous just sounds so pretentious. Who am I to call myself that word?”

Now that’s wisdom beyond her years.