Demi MooreDemi Moore is going back to work in “Lovelace,” her first film since filing for divorce  in November from husband Ashton Kutcher. The racy biopic has an all-star cast that includes Amanda Seyfried.

Moore will play feminist and journalist Gloria Steinem, who was outspoken about women’s rights in the ’70s. She went undercover to expose the underside of the porn industry.

Steinem profiled Lovelace for Ms. magazine and revealed how the actress was coerced and beaten into making porn.

Lovelace, real name, Linda Boreman, later became an evangelical Christian and anti-porn advocate. She died from injuries suffered in a car accident in 2003. She was 53.

Two Lovelace Movies in Works

The movie is not to be confused with “Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story.” Lindsay Lohan was once slated to star as the porn star. Director Matthew Wilder fired her, however, because of complications caused by her 2010 rehab stint.

Malin Akerman will play Lovelace in that film and stars with Matt Dillon, Sasha Grey (a real porn star) and “Boardwalk Empire’s” Paz de la Huerta.

The Demi Moore film stars Amanda Seyfried as Lovlace. The impressive cast also includes Peter Sarsgaard, Bobby Cannavale, Chris Noth, Sharon Stone, Juno Temple, Wes Bentley, Romeo Brown and Robert Patrick.

James Franco will appear as Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, and Adam Brody and Eric Roberts also have joined the movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Lovelace Deep Throat Role Examined

Both movies will feature Lovelace’s role in the seminal ’70s porn film “Deep Throat.” Brody gets the honor of playing Lovelace’s co-star Harry Reems.

The film ranks in importance because it was the first hard-core porn movie with a distinct plot and the first to gain mainstream acceptance, even though it included oral and anal sex.

Whether Seyfried will appear naked in the film is unknown, but she is no stranger to nude scenes.