Regis Philbin Leaves Big Hole in Old Show; Bring Him Back! 1Regis Philbin has left a seemingly indelible dent on his old show, now known as “Live With Kelly.” Since his departure ratings are down 35 percent, according to industry insiders. Is it time to bring him back?

A plethora of guest hosts have tried to fill his seat since the king formally exited in November; but, no one’s come even close to hitting the big mark left by Reege.

Kelly Ripa is lovable, but there’s not getting around the fact that she is a light weight. To her, Joey Bishop could have been the Fuller Brush man.

When Kelly signed a new, big, fat, rich contract in October, hopefully she got paid up front because this show cannot go on in its present format. It’s audience is dwindling away.

Among the Regis Philbin temporary replacements,  Dana Carvey was good; so was Nick Lachey and Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos.

But after two-days with guest host Rob Lowe, the handwriting was on the wall. Was he wearing lipstick on Friday’s show!?

The drums are beating harder-than-ever that Lowe could be anointed as the new, permanent new host.

Truth is, Lowe and his family live in Santa Barbara and he’s on the hit sit-com “Parks & Recreation,” which is mostly filmed on the West Coast.

Funny, when I watched him on both days, and yes, he was rather pathetic, all I could think of was his ill-fated stint on The Oscar’s where he dance and sang with Snow White.

My vote: Bring back Regis. But whether that can happen is problematic. Regis turned 80 last August; it’s hard to imagine whether he wants to still deal with a daily show.

Philbin has also had a history of heart trouble. He underwent bypass heart surgery at Weill Cornell Medical Center on in 2007, after a previous angioplasty in 1993. Philbin also had surgery for a blood clot last year.

Footnote: CBS This Morning Revamps

The new CBS This Morning debuted and within the first 30 seconds, they introduced the new program, new studio and shot right to the morning’s Eye Opener which was a hodge-podge of all the big events of the day.

No one does gravitas like Charlie Rose. Partnered with Erica Hill and Oprah pal Gayle King, the show takes a decided tilt toward entertainment and away from news. This should be rather fascinating.