Katie CouricKatie Couric will be “everywhere” on her new television network ABC, except that, is the pinnacle of television news, the anchor chair, said ABC News president Brian Sherwood.

Sherwood made the reveal today at the new’s division’s TCA session, according to deadlinehollywood. Whether that’s by design or because of her performance as anchor of the “CBS Evening News” is a matter of debate.

“You’ll see her in the morning. You’ll see her all over the place,” Sherwood said. “I don’t think the viewers have rejected her,” he said. “It’s not about rejection. It’s about what she wants to do.”

Katie’s life has been in upheaval, ever since she left CBS. She left NBC’s “Today” show for CBS News in 2006, but her ratings never justified her reported $15 million salary, according to reports. She left the chair last year.

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She and her boytoy boyfriend Brooks Perlin also ended their relationship in December, after five years and a couple of start and stop attempts to keep it going.

Perlin, 37, was 17 years Couric’s junior, and the age difference apparently became a sore point with Katie’s children. Perlin’s family reportedly wasn’t too happy with the relationship, either.

They didn’t see where it was going, given Couric’s age. Relatives were also concerned that he would never have his own children with Couric.

He moved out of Katie’s Upper East Side townhouse in New York, after she decided to end the relationship, according to UsWeekly.

“Brooks is a nice guy, but it was inevitable because they had different priorities and perspectives, and their age difference made it a challenge too,” a source told the magazine.

“Katie is someone who is incredibly versatile and accessible and in high demand, and he just couldn’t keep up,” the source said.

“He had a little more trouble in the relationship. So she’s available and back on the market.”

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The comments sound a little odd since Couric told People in April that Perlin “challenges me in ways no one has ever challenged me before” and that “they just clicked.”

Katie’s professional life seems just as up in the air. Although she’s been promised a talk show, the network will have to fit her in around their star of the moment, the grating George Stephanopoulos, and network standard bearer Diane Sawyer.

With the presidential election about to get into full swing, it remains to be seen what role Couric will play, if any.

Sherwood must also deal with how to use Christiane Amanpour now that she is no longer hosting ABC’s “This Week.” She’s now “Global Affairs” anchor.

She’s slated to do a “bunch of specials” for ABC while continuing to do an international program for CNN. “It’s a unique arrangement, the best of both worlds,” he said.