Daniel Radcliffe, Jason Sudekis Hilarious SNL Preview (watch) 1Daniel Radcliffe is put through the hoops by Jason Sudekis in a preview of this week’s Saturday Night Live. As Radcliffe announces he’s hosting, Sudekis tries to get acquainted with the British actor.

“Hey Daniel, everyone knows you from those movies you were in. I forget, what were they called?,” the late night comedian asked. Radcliffe, 22, a bit bewildered, but patient, replies “Harry Potter.” But that barely rings a bell.

“Right, right, that’s right. There are like three of them right?” Sudekis replies.

Actually, there were more like eight of them and the grossed nearly $8 billion over the series’ 10-year run. “Harry Potter, the man. All right. These are sex movies right?” Sudekis continues. When Radcliffe points out they were about wizards. Sudekis almost gets it. “Ok, sex wizards,” he says.

The one-minute, thirty-four second preview is a series of quick give and takes. In each one, Sudekis can’t quite fathom who Radcliffe is and what he’s all about.

“What is that your doing with your voice?” he says, He’s feigning surprise at his English accent.

“This is how I talk,” Radcliffe replies:

“This is how I talk? Are you doing a character? Like a chimney sweep or something? Are you doing Winslet, who are you doing?” the comedian shoots back.

Daniel confesses that he is nervous since it’s his first hosting gig. Jason has some advice.

“One, dance like nobody’s watching,” he says. Two, you’ve got to love like you’ve never been hurt. Three, gotta remember this, everybody’s watching and you could get hurt. Live TV, no net.”

Radcliffe takes a flying leap this Saturday. Check out the video below: