Entourage Green-Lighted, Says Mark Wahlberg; Script Wanted! 2Mark Wahlberg, executive producer of the HBO hit “Entourage,” wants to follow that other big HBO hit “Sex and the City” to the big screen. He’s says the deal is done, except for one thing. There’s no script yet.

Wahlberg’s own experience in Hollywood provided inspiration for the show. He said he is just waiting for series creator Doug Ellin to write the script. “That’s definitely something that we’re actively trying to put together,” he told GQ magazine.

Entourage Actors on Board

The show is about a rising screen star in Hollywood and all of the travails he goes through with his three best friends. It ran for eight seasons before the final episode on Sept. 11 last year. Vincent Chase, an up-and-coming star played by Adrian Grenier, also an up-and-coming actor, was the focus of the show.

He’s surrounded by a tight-knit group that includes Eric Murphy, or “E,” played by Kevin Connolly; older half-brother Johnny “Drama” Chase, played by Kevin Dillon and friend from the ‘hood Salvatore “Turtle” Assante (Jerry Ferrara). Rounding out the principal characters, Jeremy Piven played Vince’s super agent Ari Gold.

All are on board for the movie. “I feel that we all thought we could use more episodes, more seasons,” said Grenier in a recent interview. “Of course, the thing about ‘Entourage’ is that it’s about the ups and downs of the business and life that always flow. I think there is more time and opportunity to explore that.”

Entourage Ready to Go Crazy

The proof, however, will be in the elusive script. “I think a 90-minute movie of sheer craziness – the guys getting back to just being about the guys, you know?” Wahlberg explained when asked about the plot. “Lose the ladies. Go crazy. Give people what they want!”

A slew of Hollywood celebrities guest-starred on the show as fictionalized versions of themselves, including Gary Busey, Larry David, Scarlett Johansson, Sasha Grey, the late Dennis Hopper and even rap star Eminem. Whether the movie would follow the same formula is unknown.

“Entourage’s” sister show, “Sex and the City” end its run Feb 2004. It took four years to get a movie made based on the series. Worldwide, it grossed more than $415 million, making the best selling comedy of 2008. The sequel in 2010 grossed, just over $288 million, still successful by any measure. There’s talk of a third picture.

No surprise the stars are anxious to see an Entourage movie on the big screen.