Khloe Kardashian Hit by Lamar Odom Infidelity Report 1Khloe Kardashian has a new story line for her reality show, a cheating husband. Lamar Odom reportedly went wild at a Washington, D.C. strip club while his team was in town for a game.

Lamar was more than a big man on the basketball court. The 32-year-old sports star was reportedly spending lavishly on strippers who were “grinding on him,” according to gossip site radaronline. The site says it was tipped off by witnesses at the club.

Lamar, 32, was at the club with Dallas Mavericks teammates Shawn Marion and Delonte West. The next day, the team was set to be saluted by President Obama for winning the 2011 NBA championship. Lamar played for the Lakers last year.

Kim Kardashian Accused of Cheating

“Lamar looked to have about 500 one dollar bills in his hand and he gave all of the money to the dancers through-out the night. He made sure the girls were well taken care of. He was throwing money at the women,” one of the onlookers told the site.

Odom also reportedly ducked into a private room with one of the strippers.

Khloe, meanwhile, was home alone at their sprawling new Dallas apartment. “Thunder in Dallas… And Lammy is in DC. I guess ill cuddle with leopard tonight :) awww my blankey :)” she Tweeted innocently.

Ex-Nanny Ready to Dish Dirt on Kardashian Family

Khloe has been under a lot of stress lately over claims by two of her father’s ex-wives. They say the late-Robert Kardashian told them Khloe was fathered by someone else. Momager Kris Jenner, who was married to Kardashian for 10 years, has disputed those claims.

Maybe Lamar was just trying to bond with his new teammates. He was traded to the Mavericks this year and uprooted Khloe from her family in Los Angeles to Dallas.

Model Amber Rose recently accused Kim Kardashian of breaking up her relationship with Kayne West by cheating with him on her then-boyfriend Reggie Bush. Maybe Lamar is just taking his cue from her.