Bethenny Frankel Makes Shocking Bedroom Confession 1Bethenny Frankel isn’t getting any. The reality show personality made the startling confession on… her reality show. Apparently nothing is off limits, even her bedroom.

Frankel is starring in her spin-off reality show “Bethenny Ever After,” and apparently learning first hand what happens with a job, kids and hectic lifestyle comes between a husband and wife.

“Intimacy is challenging,” the reality star told Life & Style magazine. “Jason’s penis has cobwebs on it.” Yikes! This can’t help quell rumors that Jason is gay. Omarosa said as much last summer on ABC’s “The View.”

Check out a preview of Bethenny’s show.

“I have never once said a bad word about [Frankel] or all of the rumor swirling around about Jason and his sexuality Everyone knows he’s gay but we never said anything, because she was happy,” she shrieked.

Altough Frankel never addressed Omarosa’s remarks directly, Whoopi Goldberg said Bethenny told her that Jason wasn’t gay when she appeared on the show. The two reality stars were feuding at the time.

Frankel, 41, said they don’t have sex anymore. Her problem, she explained, stemmed from trying to do too much. Promoting her show, her Skinnygirl products, and writing–she’s authored four books— had limited her time with Jason and daughter, Bryn.

“Jason and I are just settling into what married life really is, without the excitement of a wedding and the baby,” she said. “We come from totally different backgrounds, and we’re going through it. I’m in therapy. I’ve always been good at business, but I’ve always struggled with relationships.”

Frankel now says she “unintentionally crammed everything in” during few months, and may have overlooked some things. “I’m having a rough time,” she says in the clip.” Or maybe she’s just creating some reality show drama. Check out the preview: