President Obama Sings Al Green at NY Fundraiser (watch!) 1President Barack Obama not only took the stage at the famed Apollo Theater in New York, he sang! After thanking R&B legend Al Green for performing, the president crooned a line from one of Green’s classic songs.

About 1,400 supporters were at the historic theater for the event, where general admission tickets sold for $100 and $200. It was one of four fundraising stops for Obama while he was in the city, according to ABC News.

The event was hosted by Tony Award-winning composer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda Beside soul singer Green, pop hip-hop artist India Arie also sang. Obama chose Green for his vocal tribute, singing a few lines from his hit song “Let’s Stay Together.”

“To know that Rev. All Green was here,” the president said smiling. He paused for a moment and then began started singing: “I’m, so in love with you,” on key. The crowd broke out in laughter and cheers.

The president paused for a moment, looked down smiling, then kicked in: “Those guys back there didn’t think I would do it,” pointing off stage. “I told you I would do it. The sandman did not come out.”

The first reference was to his staff; the second was to Sandman Sims, a tap dancer and Apollo regular for decades, who chased unpopular acts off-stage during talent shows and sing-offs. The theater is famous for them.

Incidentally, the complete verse goes like this:

“I’m, I’m so in love with you.
Whatever you want to do. Is alright with me.
Cause you make me feel, so brand new.
And I want to spend my life with you.”

The song, “Let’s Stay Together,” is emblematic of one of the President’s re-election themes. The campaign reportedly took in more than $3 million, according to Politico. Two events at posh Upper East Side restaurant Daniel netted $500,000 and included high-rollers who paid $15,000 for a chance to rub elbows with Obama.

But the most exclusive event was hosted by Movie mogul Spike Lee, where a more intimate gathering of 45 guests paid $35,800 each to mingle with the president, the Web site reported.