Kristen Dunst does a stunning nude scene in Melancolia.

Kristen Dunst does a stunning nude scene in Melancolia.

Kirsten Dunst, who is drawing serious Oscar buzz for her role in “Melancholia,” says the scenes where she is topless in the film are “beautiful.” She says she was comfortable doing them because of the role.

“I’m lying down, that helps,” the 29-year-old actress told ABC’s Juju Chang in a new interview. “What we made as a film means more to me than the fact that, you know, I’m on the Internet naked,” Dunst said.

“It looks beautiful. It was shot well. It’s a beautiful film. It is not something I feel embarrassed about,” she added.

Dunst and the Lars Von Trier-directed apocalyptic drama won top honors from the National Society of Film Critics. Dunst was best actress and the film won best picture. Dunst also won best actress at the Cannes Film Festival.

With a nod from film critics, “Melancholia,” moved up substantially in the betting pool for Oscar favorites. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will announce nominees on Jan. 24.

Kirsten Dunst Topless in All Good Things

In “Melancholia,” Dunst is shown bathing and lying naked on mossy rocks. The film, which also stars Alexander Skarsgard of HBO’s “True Blood,” is about a couple who marries just as the earth is facing destruction from a catastrophic meteor, code named Melancholia.

Critcs noted the breath-taking cinematography and the film’s uncommonly meditative tone.

Kirsten Dunst Makes Sci-Fi Love

Dunst has performed topless in other roles. In “All Good Things,” about one of New York City’s most notorious murders, she appears topless in a shower scene. While’s she’s sometimes “freaked out,” she has strong family support.

“My dad is from Germany, so he is European. So he was like, ‘It is art, and I made you, and you are beautiful,’ so he had a very sensible way, because I was freaked out,” she said.

“I feel like even my brother, I don’t know if he has seen the movie yet, but even he was like, ‘It is not a big deal,’ you know, so I am the one who was the most prude about the whole thing,” she adds.

Dunst is becoming a doyenne of exotic science fiction with her latest turn in “Upside Down,” a bizarre film about mirror worlds.