Selena Gomez Pings Risque Vegas Style for Show (video) 1Selena Gomez is feeling her sexy side. She put on a Las Vegas style performance in Puerto Rico, wearing an electric blue showgirl costume with low-cut top and a high-cut flowing skirt that opened up to bikini shorts.

Gomez, who is touring South America, Central America and the Caribbean, signaled her plans to turn up the heat on her act when she added purple extensions to her hair. She also wore an eye-opening dress for her debut show.

“Puerto Rico– 4 hours til show time, so excited to be back such a fun place to kick off my South American Tour it’s like my second home. Love you all,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Selena’s mini-tour will hit Panama City, Mexico City, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires. The 10-stop trip is an extension of her “We Own the Night Tour” that began last year with her band The Seldom Scene.

Selena has been slowly leaving behind her squeaky clean Disney image for a more adult act. Although she hasn’t gone as far as former Disney star Miley Cyrus, she’s show more leg and cleavage than ever.

Latin pop stars generally wear flashy show costumes and are sexually provocative when they perform. Think Shakira. So Selena may be just trying to meet expectations. In any case, she’s managing to balance her sex appeal without compromising her image.

Check out the video below: