Miley Cyrus Gets Mouthful of Liam's Obscene Cake (photos) 1Miley Cyrus parties like no one’s watching, except usually the whole world gets to see. In her latest episode, the teen star goes hog wild over boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s birthday cake, despite its obscene design.

Cyrus, whose friends seem to have no qualms about selling her out every time she does something outrageous or embarrassing,  dropped some photos of her clowning around with Hemsworth’s penis-shaped cake.

The photos surfaced on gossip Web site TMZ this morning and immediately went viral. The scene unfolded last weekend at Hemsworth’s birthday party. The massive phallic confection was rolled out Saturday night at Club Icon in Downtown L.A.

Miley apparently knew a photo-op when she saw one and quickly went down on the cake. She posed with her face inches away and her mouth wide open. In another shot, she wagged her tongue at the cake.

She was also photographed with her face near one end of the cake after someone had taken a bite out of the penis. Whether it was Miley or not is unknown.

Miley was also photographed with what some partygoers claimed was an alcoholic beverage, according to the Web site. Miley partied and drank the whole night, they said.

This isn’t the first time Miley has been caught in compromising situations. During a party at her house celebrating her 18th birthday, she was photographed taking hits from a bong.

She later claimed it was filled with the legal herb salvia. But others say Miley was smoking pot. She also referred to herself as a pot head during her 19th birthday party with BFF Kelly Osbourne. She later said the remark was a joke.

Too bad birthdays only come once a year.