Jennifer Aniston Zaps Chelsea Handler in Hilarious Spoof (watch!) 1Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler have shared the love, now Aniston dishes some pretty stiff hate at the talk show host in a hilarious spoof. Jen delivers some zingers about Handler’s talent and …ahem… hygiene.

After starring in countless romantic comedies on the big screen, Aniston has perfect comedic timing in the E! Entertainment clip. Handler sets up the spoof by inviting Aniston to meet her writing team for her show.

After talking up how much Jen likes one skit, Handler leaves the room, and Jen gets catty. “Do you think that’s funny? That is so not funny,” she says. The staff agrees and says its due to Handler’s heavy schedule.

“I know! Busy doing what, gossiping about more successful people that are better-looking than her? Putting her name on another dumb book to make the world an even dumber place?,” Aniston replies.

Then, mimicking the host she adds: “‘Hi, I’m Chelsea. I really think that everything I say is funny.’ You know what I mean? It’s a shock that she really still has her own show,” Jen hisses.

“And then her hygiene… have you noticed this? Honestly, when we were in Cabo, she never showered! She would be like, ‘What? I went in the pool’. It’s gross!,” Aniston adds.

“It was great having Jen Aniston on the show. She’s super sweet, has a really hot body, the good hair,” staff writer, Heather McDonald told USWeekly.

“She’s really, truly friends with Chelsea so I think that’s the main reason why she did it,” McDonald said.

Check out the video below.