Jon Stewart Sends Newt Gingrich to the Moon (watch!) 1Newt Gingrich has been accused of being “grandiose,” whatever that means, but leave it to Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart to put his finger on the problem. Could it be Gingrich’s plan to build a moon colony?

The Republican candidate told an audience he would have a permanent American base on the moon by the end of his second term. And he’s not talking a small outpost. He’s wants 13,000 people there. Even bases in Antarctica, the most alien place on earth, aren’t near that scale.

If that’s not gradiose, what is? “Did he start with a Death Star and get kind of reigned in?” Stewart questioned.

The Republican candidate, who is known for hypocrisy–you know three wives while being a family values candidate–had only recently slammed candidate Ron Paul, saying he “avoids reality” and people “won’t take him as a serious person.”

“And that’s why I’m going to make Ron Paul my first ambassador to Moonlandia!” Stewart said mockingly.

Then, Gingrich’s plan finally started to come together. Gingrich wants to be the Donald Trump of the moon. “And like Earth Trump, you will not be President,” Stewart said.

Check out the hilarious video below: