Former Disney star Selena Gomez covers the new issue of Cosmopolitan, which targets a young, hip crowd. But is the content too sexually explicit for her fans? Some parents groups say yes.

Selena, 19, covers the March issue of Cosmopolitan , but it’s not her first Cosmo cover. She appeared on the Russian edition of the magazine last October. The U.S. publication released outtakes from the latest shoot earlier this month. But none of those made the issue.

The magazine has come under criticism for its sexually explicit sex advice. Some critics say it encourages casual sex. Selena’s cover includes such headlines as “50 Sex Tips” and “Your Orgasm Guaranteed,” with the subhead: “The New Tricks Experts Swear By.”

Check out Selena’s covers; click to enlarge.

Some parents groups say the magazines are read by young teens, who are introduced through them to causal sex. Some articles have even detailed how to have anal sex. At the very least, critics say the magazine “glamorizes promiscuity.”

Girls as young as nine are regular readers of the glossy publications and often take them to school, according to one group. Using celebrities on covers with a large teen following like Gomez, encourages 12- to 14-year-olds to pick up the magazine.

The magazines say they are pitched to older girls and young professional women, not young teens.

According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, “exposure to sexual content in music, movies, television and magazines accelerates adolescent sexual activity and increases their risk of engaging in early sexual intercourse.”

Gomez is currently on tour in South and Central America. She promised before the tour started that she would be little edgier, and she hasn’t failed to deliver.

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