Gloria Allred Wants Anti-Abortion Super Bowl Ads Banned 1High-profile Hollywood lawyer Gloria Allred is trying to block a controversial anti-abortion ad from airing during this weekend’s Super Bowl. The event is not known to accept political ads, but Allred is taking no chances.

Allred has reportedly written a letter to eleven local affiliates that intend to broadcast the commercial. But she may be playing into the hands of publicity seeking anti-abortion advocate Randall Terry. Allred claims the ad is “inflammatory,” according to gossip site radaronline.

The ads are reportedly scheduled to run in mostly small markets in Ada and Tulsa in Oklahoma, Grand Junction, Colo., Joplin, Springfield, Kansas City and St. Louis in Missouri, Paducah, Kentucky.

Allred is asking for equal time “to express the pro-choice right to safe and legal abortion positions, as well as to react to the grossly offensive ad that your stations intends to air,” according to her letter.

Allred, who is President of the Women’s Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund, which advocates for women’s rights, also cites an atmosphere of intimidation and harassment against abortion providers and clinics.

“Broadcasting such an ad will only serve to polarize the public on this important issue and could mislead young people about the medical procedure,” she added.

The ad is said to be graphic in nature showing aborted fetuses. Randall is trying to place the commercial in 25 local markets. A 30-second national television spot costs several million dollars.