Kim Kardashian, Sisters Topless Jeans Ad a Calvin Klein Ripoff? 1Kim Kardashian has done Playboy and a sex tape so it’s no big deal. But sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian join her in a new topless ad for their jean collection. But is it a Calvin Klein ripoff?

The argument could probably be made. Calvin Klein has been doing risque jeans ads for years. But well, this is the Kardashians and usually anything goes to make a buck.

The new ad touts the Kardashian Kollection denim line. While the girls are topless, their private parts are strategically covered by elbows and arms, so no harm no foul.

Check out the girls’ ad; click to enlarge.

Kim Kardashian, Sisters Topless Jeans Ad a Calvin Klein Ripoff? 2

Khloe appeared semi-naked in an ad for PETA, the animal rights organization, famous for using stripped down celebrities to promote animal awareness. Kourtney, who has a child,  has never appeared naked.

Hot Russian model Irina Shayk also recently debuted in similar photos for Replay jeans, so CK may not have a lock on the pose.

Oddly, the line is sold exclusively at Sears, which isn’t known for either risque ads or semi-nudity. But then, this apparently isn’t your grandparents’ Sears.

Bruno Schivai, co-creator of the line, also said the Kardashians will soon becoming out with a line of decorator accessories for homes.

“We’re very excited about it … Home looks incredible. There are three designs in home, everything from [bedding] to cushions and pillows, to bathroom accessories and shower curtains,” he told Celebuzz.

“And swimwear of course is to die for. We are shooting our new swim campaign actually in January.”

The jeans ad emphasizes the girls’ size differences to let buyers know the clothes designed with various bodies in mind. As for Calvin Klein, let’s just call this ad a homage.  Check out the photo above.