Vanity Fair Young Stars: Who's In; Who's Missing (photos, video) 6With a line up like Rooney Mara, Elizabeth Olsen, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska, Vanity Fair magazine should escape most criticism for its Hollywood issue. But not all criticism.

Lists are a popular magazine staple except when it comes to those who don’t make them. Or at least the fans of those who don’t make them. And for every young Hollywood star Vanity Fair included– 11 in all–a number of equally deserving stars didn’t make it.

That’s what makes lists so much fun. The good news is, no one made the cover who didn’t deserve to be there.

Vanity Fair Young Hollywood Stars

In Missed Dark Horse
Rooney Mara Kristen Stewart Abigail Breslin
Mia Wasikowska Olivia Wilde Chloe Moretz
Jennifer Lawrence Ashley Greene Hailee Steinfeld
Jessica Chastain Emma Watson Olivia Thirlby
Elizabeth Olsen Emily Browning Katie Jarvis
Adepero Oduye Amanda Seyfried Nikki Reed
Shailene Woodley Ellen Page Jamie Chung
Paula Patton Evan Rachel Wood Isabel Lucas
Felicity Jones Emmy Rossum Sara Paxton
Lily Collins Anna Kendrick Willa Holland
Brit Marling Dakota Fanning Elle Fanning

The young stars all made their marks in recent movies. Mara and Chastain are both Oscar nominees this year for “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” and “The Help” respectively.

Wasikowska was spendid in “Alice in Wonderland” with Johnny Depp an “Jane Eyre,” the period film with Michael Fassbinder, based on Charlotte Brontë’s 1847 novel. Lawrence is about to break bad in “The Hunger Games” and “X-Men: First Class.”

Check out Vanity Fair’s cover; click to enlarge.

Vanity Fair Young Stars: Who's In; Who's Missing (photos, video) 7Vanity Fair Young Stars: Who's In; Who's Missing (photos, video) 8Vanity Fair Young Stars: Who's In; Who's Missing (photos, video) 9Vanity Fair Young Stars: Who's In; Who's Missing (photos, video) 10

But how could they overlook these stars? Kristen Stewart was missing in action, despite her Twilight films, “On the Road” and “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Of course she made the cover of VF’s Hollywood issue in 2010 with Carrie Mulligan and Abbie Cornish.

So no surprise that Kristen isn’t on the cover this time. She’s already established. But if being a breakout star is a criteria what about Emily Browning, 23, who starred in the mesmerizing movie “Sleeping Beauty.” Also a surprise miss is Emma Roberts, 20, who was crazy good in “The Art of Getting By,” and “Scream 4.”

Missed but maybe also falling into the “already established” category is Ellen Page, 24, who was awesome in “Inception;” Ashley Greene, 24, for her work in “Twilight;” Emma Watson, 21, for “Harry Potter” and Amanda Seyfried.

Also where is Olivia Wilde from “Cowboys and Aliens?” At 27, she may skew a little too old for this group, but that would be the only excuse not to have included her.

Overlooked but should have been included stars: Elle Fanning, Abigail Breslin, Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld. Sure, they are all underage, but still doing great film work.

Emmy Rossum, 20, was awesome in “Shameless.” Evan Rachel Wood was stellar in HBO’s “Mildred Pierce,” and if you say televison doesn’t count, then check her out in “The Ides of March.” Anna Kendrick, 25, has also been kicking it.

Finally, there are the dark horse actresses, still a little under the radar, that would have really made Vanity Fair editors look smart. They would include, Olivia Thirlby, 25, who has been breaking bad since 2007’s “Juno.” and Katie Jarvis, 20, walked into “Fish Tank” with no previous acting experience and stole the movie.

Beyond that, if you can get past it that is, top fashion photographer Mario Testino did a fantastic job shooting the Art Deco set. Styling was by Jessica Diehl. Check out the cover photos above and some of the video interviews below.