Charlize Theron Vanity Fair

Charlize Theron causes red lights to flash with her searing sensuality. (Photo: Vanity Fair)

Charlize Theron plays Hollywood sex siren in a new photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine, although she’s far more down to earth in everyday life. She’s known to hold a drink, swear like a sailor and tell dirty jokes.

“One of the first times we met she told me a really dirty joke and that’s when I knew I loved her,” said Jason Reitman in a recent interview.

“Honestly, a woman with a dirty sense of humor is probably the most attractive thing on earth,” he added.

Reitman should know.

He directed Theron in “Young Adult,” where she plays a heavy-drinking, foul-mouthed free spirit, who is intent on revenge when she returns to her high school to seek out an old flame.

Charlize Theron Sizzles in Vanity Fair
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Charlize Theron Stops Traffic With Sex Siren Pout (photos) 1Charlize Theron Stops Traffic With Sex Siren Pout (photos) 2Charlize Theron Stops Traffic With Sex Siren Pout (photos) 3Charlize Theron Stops Traffic With Sex Siren Pout (photos) 4Charlize Theron Stops Traffic With Sex Siren Pout (photos) 5Charlize Theron Stops Traffic With Sex Siren Pout (photos) 6Charlize Theron Stops Traffic With Sex Siren Pout (photos) 7Charlize Theron Stops Traffic With Sex Siren Pout (photos) 8Charlize Theron Stops Traffic With Sex Siren Pout (photos) 9

Charlize recounts in the interview one of her own early crushes.”I was so in love with Richard Dean Anderson [in] “MacGyver,” she said referring to an 1980s action-adventure television series about a secret agent.

In the photo shoot, the South African model, 36, wears a black short-waisted blazer, black panties and not much else. It’s just her against a white backdrop and that’s pretty much all you need.

Theron takes it from there in a series of sexy poses. The shoot moves to the street for a series of night time shots. Theron wears a a blazer, black monokini swimsuit and black stilettos. “Not a lot of people would get into a bathing suit and walk a street at night in LA, especially in this neighborhood,” she says.

The statuesque actress, who won an Oscar for best actress in 2003 for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the film “Monster,” was surprised she was left out of the running this year.

“It’s so bizarre to look at this as something to be bummed about because I’ve gotten some of the best reviews in my career for this and people have really responded to me in this role,” she said.

“That to me is the greatest gift because usually the joke between me and my producing partner is that any script that mentions crying, depression or torture lands on my desk! So it was nice to do something different and for people to like it, that to me is like winning an Academy Award,” she added.

Theron is next up in the Rupert Sanders-directed film “Snow White and the Huntsman,” starring Kristen Stewart, which is due in June. Judging from recent trailers she steals the movie as the wicked queen.

Then, she’ll appear in Ridley Scott’s “Alien” prequel “Prometheus,” due June 8. In the meantime, check out her photos and the video below: