Kim Kardashian is struggling with her image at home, but she’s still commands an audience in South America. She recently posed for Esquire’s Latin American edition. Say what you will about her greed, she’s still one hot senorita… or is that senora?

THe realty show queen is in the midst of a nasty divorce with husband of 72 days Kris Humphries, a pro basketball player with the New Jersey Nets. Kim’s decision to go for a quickie divorce after an $18 million blowout wedding touched off a huge backlash.

Check out Kim’s photos; click to enlarge.

In an effort to justify her decision, the entire season of her reality show “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” was devoted to her marital meltdown. But her effort to portray Humphries as an insensitive lout backfired. Throw in a few fake scenes and it generally proved to be another fiasco.

The show ended with Kim wailing in tears over her bad behavior. “The bloggers this morning are so Team Kris Humphries it’s not even Kardashian funny,” said Wendy Williams on her show afterward. “And that’s after the Kardashians were able to edit it the way they wanted to, so you can imagine all the crappy crap that ended up on the floor that would have really made Kim look bad.”

Afterward, even she made fun of her crying on her Web site. It was the first time Kim seemed to have a soul in months.

According to the latest reports, Kim is so like kryptonite after her marriage fiasco that no man in his right mind would go out with her. Well Kim thinks one, who knows a little about redemption might: The deeply religious Denver Broncos quarter Tim Tebow.

That likely explains all of Kim’s religious Tweets recently. “Kim has a big crush on Tim,” a friend confided. “She says he’s not only very handsome but seems like a guy with really strong values.”

But word out of the Tebow camp is flattered, but no thanks.

Now there’s really nowhere else for Kim to go, except back to what got her where she is in the first place, her sexy body. Kim never looked better working it in sexy black lingerie for the photo shoot. Check out her photos and video below.