Olivia Munn loves to laugh and she thinks comedians are sooo smart. Is it any wonder why she’s considered the thinking man’s sweetheart, aside from super hot, geek dream-love photos of her in the new FHM issue?

Munn, an actress, model and special correspondent for Jon Stewart’s Comedy Central show, really appreciates wit and humor. She tells the magazine she would love to date a comedian.

“Stand-up comedians are really smart, brilliant people. To make someone genuinely laugh is a very hard task,” she says.

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“If you have that ability, that means that you have empathy, you can feel things in life. And that’s a very attractive quality in somebody. Those guys are smart.”

And, she has more than sex appeal going for her. She loves playing video games. She once played through a whole weekend. “You find that when you order enough Thai food in one delivery, you can reheat that s–t over and over,” she says.

“I always shower, I always brush my teeth, but I would say I haven’t washed my hair for days,” she says of her marathon gaming sessions. “I also put a TV outside on my patio area by the pool, so I can play games out there. I like to set my life out so that I’m not completely shut-in.”

Just so happens her next movie “Magic Mike,” with Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello and Riley Keough is about male strippers.

When asked about the film, Munn confesses to geek shyness. “If there’s a bunch of guys onstage dancing, and I don’t have to dance, I will not be the one who raises up her hand first. I’m not the girl who’s going to be like, “Oh yeah, me!” she says. “‘I’ll get up there and get naked too!’”

“No way! I’m not a very shy girl at all, but when I see them dancing, I turn into a giggly Japanese schoolgirl, because it’s quite amazing to see what they do.

Munn who supports animal rights recently shed her clothes to protest the use of fur on behalf of animal rights group PETA. She poses topless with a bunny to get her point across. Really!

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