Jon Stewart has been on a roll commenting on Newt Gingrich’s Republican presidential campaign and the candidate’s humiliating loss in the Florida primary provided more insanity to riff on. Does Newt realize he lost?

Republican Mitt Romney won the key GOP state, while Gingrich polled just 14% of the vote. Stewart had some sharp words for Romney’s hypocrisy regarding President Obama, but Gingrich had to be more fun.

“Surely this result has humbled Megamind,” Stewart said, referring to his pet name for Gingrich.

Incidentally, Megamind is a super-intelligent, alien criminal genius and master of all villainy. He was featured in a 2010 Pixar animated film, voiced by Will Ferrell.

Yet in a follow up speech after the primary, Newt was full of bluster about his upcoming presidential term, as if the primary never happened.

Even before he attends any of the inaugural balls, on his very first day, Gingrich promised to overturn all of Obama’s executive orders regarding religion, bank regulation and consumer protection. “First day of what?” Stewart ask incredulously.

“Newt Gingrich appears to have confused the Florida Republican primary with the general election — and getting your ass kicked with winning,” Stewart said.

By the time it was all over, Stewart said Gingrich appeared to offer to make America his fourth wife. Check out the video below.