Jerry Seinfeld performs a high-wire act for Acura’s Super Bowl ad. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Jerry Seinfeld has always liked to work the room, and he takes on some tough audiences in an Acura commercial that will air during the Super Bowl on Feb. 5. The comedian will do almost anything to get the new NSX.

Seinfeld, of course, is a television legend for his eponymous sit-com, which aired for almost 10 years from 1989 to 1998. Since then, he’s flown largely under the radar, aside from a brief stint on the show “Marriage Counselor.”

Seinfeld said recently, it’s never good for a comedian to be too successful. He needs to be hungry to perform at his best. In the Acura commercial, he’s hungry to buy the new Acura sports car, but finds he’s on a waiting list.

He decides to prove how much he wants one by going to extreme lengths with his act. Acura is milking the ad for all its worth by releasing it in parts on the Internet. So far, it’s gotten more than 10 million views on YouTube.

Besides publicizing the new car, the ads offer a glimpse of Seinfeld in action, doing stand-up routines in front of a family having Thanksgiving dinner and other strange gigs. “I never opened for a casserole before,” he jibes.

The car company is getting more bang for its buck from its high-priced Super Bowl Ad.

Check out the clips. Click below to see all five.