Lisa Dutton has become almost universally known as the “sausage blooper anchor woman,” thanks to a YouTube video rapidly going viral. Most sites running the video don’t identify her. But here’s the background on the Internet phenom.

Dutton got her big break when she became morning news anchor at the local Saskatoon, Canada television station last December. But she apparently got up a little too early one morning to report on a kielbasa eating contest.

She instantly became the “sausage blooper anchor woman,” thanks to an embarrassing slip of the tongue. She reported that she would be judging the contest and tried to recommended going online at to buy tickets.

But inadvertently she said “pic-a-dick.”

It happened so fast it probably would have gone unnoticed. But Dutton violated on of the cardinal rules of broadcasting and called attention to her error.

“You can go online and get tickets at pic-a-dick… ohhhh!” she exclaimed, realizing her mistake.

Her giggling co-host compounded the gaff by trying to explain the error. “Well, you were thinking about sausage, sooo…” she countered. Say What?

By now, Dutton was totally flustered. “Yeah, she replied. “Pic-a-tic,” she added, laughing. “Oh my goodness, that was ridiculous wasn’t it?”

Sausage Lady Lisa Dutton

“We were not drinking wine today,” her co-host chimed in, suggesting what? They drink wine on other days?

Must be a fun bunch up there in Saskatoon, which is located on the wind-swept plains of Saskatchewan, about 500 miles north of Billings, Montana in the United States.

Dutton joined the Global Saskatoon news station in 2005 as q reporter and weekend anchor. She was promoted to full time news anchor and helped launch the morning show. “People here deserve a cutting edge morning show,” she said at the time. Well maybe not this cutting edge. Check out the video below: