Beaking Dawn Birth Scene Broken Down in DVD Featurette (watch!) 1Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ran the gamut of emotions during Bella Swan’s birth scene in “Breaking Dawn Part I.” “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer says it was “a lump in your throat” moment in a new behind-the-scenes clip.

Twi fans who have seen the movie are well aware of the vividness of the scene as Bella lays dying and Edward cries out. Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner, is also there, secretly to kill the baby.

One of the featurettes of the new “Breaking Dawn, Part 1” DVD and Blu-Ray set, contains footage of the scene with commentary by Meyer.

It’s been released ahead of the DVD, which hits stores Feb. 11.

“He was really able to touch the human emotions of that scene. Rob really nailed it,” says Meyer in the behind-the-scenes clip.

“It was really powerful. I teared up, several people near me did. It was just a lump in your throat—that moment of thinking you’ve lost everything and not being able to accept it. It was really emotional,” she added.

The clip opens with Edward holding the baby, still covered in birth blod and Jacob standing over an unconscious Bella. “Jacob, Jacob, take the baby,” Edward pleads.

C’mon Bella, please, please, please, breathe,” Edward implores.

Edward tries to transform Bella into a vampire to save her but seemingly nothing happens, and Bella is thought to be dead. Jacob attempts to kill the baby, but stops when he realizes he has imprinted on the child, becoming her protector. The wolfpack does the same, knowing that she is under Jacob’s protection.

The Cullens all look at each other in shock as Bella’s heart finally ceases, and she awakens with red eyes, a newborn vampire.

“We kind of shot it as an ‘R’ rated horror thing,” Rob said in an interview while promoting the film. “And then just kind of edited out the gruesome [stuff].

“If you went on the set, it kind of looked like a ‘Saw’ movie,” he added. “It didn’t look like a ‘Twilight’ movie at all.”

Check out the teaser below and a clip from the blooper featurette on the birth scene.