Madonna Geriatric, Fumbled Super Bowl Halftime Show (watch) 1

Madonna looked positively geriatric during her halftime show at Super Bowl XLVI; she sang her signature song “Vogue” at half speed compared with her 1990 video when the song was originally released and it went downhill from there.

She stumbled early trying to climb a bleacher, danced tentatively and looked like she was moving in slow motion when Nicki Minaj, MIA and a horde of “young” backup dancers took the stage.

As for Madonna’s singing, assuming she was singing, she sounded good… a little too good. She never seemed out of breath, or breathing too heavily, which could only happen if she was lip-syncing.

So give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was singing.

Sure, she also busted a few moves, and could probably outperform any other 53-year-old singer. But when it comes to putting on a performance that matches the event, in front of 100 million viewers, the show was a let down, again.

On the plus side, Madonna put on a better show than the Black Eyed Peas. Last year, the NFL got about as brazenly young as it’s dared in recent years when it went with the Peas at halftime.

But lead singer Stacey “Fergie” Ferguson, is no kid. She’s 36-years-old. Madonna is also a youngster compared to previous acts.

Geriatric rock acts in the past have included ’60s era UK band The Who, which performed in 2010. Lead guitarist Pete Townsend and frontman Roger Daltrey were both 65 at the time.

Bruce Springsteen played the halftime show the year before that and he was 59. Other aging groups include The Rolling Stones, all in their 60s, Paul McCartney, also in his 60s and Prince, who was in his 50s.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers another ’60s era band played in 2008. The last time anyone under 30 sang at the game, Justin Timberlake then in his 20s, was paired with 40-something Janet Jackson for the infamous “nipplegate” show in 2004.

Madonna might have been helped a bit if she would have ditched the thigh-high boots and spiked heels. Why wear something that slows you down? She also struggled with her hair extensions, which got caught in her suit.

Speaking of suits, the executives who makes the decisions about halftime entertainment need to make a pact now–go with an act under age 30, just once. Let the energy of the halftime show match the energy on the field.

Check out Madonna’s performance below.