Rush Limbaugh Caught Picking Nose at Super Bowl (see!) 1
See this finger? Watch what I can do with it!

Rush Limbaugh, the conservative radio talkshow blowhard, made a little bit of Super Bowl history last night (Feb.5). He was caught on national television picking his A-plus size honker.

Football is a game of fits and starts. During those down moments like timeouts, long huddles and disputed plays, television producers must find a way to cover the dead air. One of the easiest is to pan the crowd for interesting shots.

Check out Rush’s pick; click to enlarge

Rush Limbaugh Caught Picking Nose at Super Bowl (see!) 2

Conservative blow hard Rush Limbaugh has become an Internet sensation for this photo from the owners box at the Super Bowl. Click to enlarge.

Usually those shots involve fans doing something zany, wearing funny costumes, holding up stupid signs or maybe a baby sleeping. Every so often, the cameras will also pan the owner’s plush sky box to see what the well-to-do are up to.

In one such shot of the expensive seats yielded an interesting tableau. There was a prune-faced lady looking annoyed. Steven Tyler looked bored shitless. And owner Robert Kraft was caught jawing to a painted lady. Maybe it was Tyler’s girlfriend or Kraft’s own trophy wife.

But waaay up in the upper right hand corner of the shot Limbaugh was… picking his nose. The bloviator was going deep. Either that or he was smoking his cigar through his nostril. Talk about the upper crust!

The embarrassing screen shot is going viral naturally. Undoubtedly Rush will blame it on Obama or some lefty plot. But it’s hilarious.

Limbaugh and Kraft are reported to be friends. Kraft attended Limbaugh’s wedding and obviously supports his crazy right wing ideas. Let’s hope Rush didn’t eat it. Check out the photo above.