What Has Robert Pattinson Done Now!? Check This Out! 1Robert Pattinson is known for his sexy, disheveled hair thanks to his character Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” movies. But he seems desperate to run away from that image, now that filming has ended. But what has he done this time? Check him out.

Pattinson and off-screen girlfriend Kristen Stewart were out in Los Angeles and stopped by a sushi restaurant to grab a bite to eat. An intrepid fan, Deja Carter, went up to them and asked for a photo together.

The ever gracious Rob and Kristen obliged. Little did Carter know that she would get what could be the first photo of Rob’s new look. He’s shaved his head bald! Any paparazzi would kill for the photo.

Check out Rob’s photos; click to enlarge.

What Has Robert Pattinson Done Now!? Check This Out! 2What Has Robert Pattinson Done Now!? Check This Out! 3

Carter posted her photos on Twitter and they are going viral today (Feb. 7).

“Why am I having dinner w/ Kristen Stewart right now ?! Lol,” Deja tweeted. Turns out, Rob was a bit late making the planned dinner date. “Rob finally came, even though we look crazy..still love him(: lol,” Deja tweeted.

This isn’t the first time Rob has changed his look to separate himself from his Twilight character. On several occasions he’s grown a bushy beard. He also styled his hair in an executive cut for the movie “Cosmopolis.”

Rob has even worn a shorter crew cut look. But this is the first time he’s gone completely shaved. Is he trying out for a new part? He was recently spotted dining out with director Sofia Coppola, so something could be in the works!

In the meantime, check out Rob’s and Kristen’s photos.