Robert Pattinson bears his fangs, but not like “Twilight” vampire character Edward Cullen. He shows a cruel, scheming side of his character in a scene with Kristen Scott Thomas in “Bel Ami.”

The film is days away from its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, and bits and pieces of the picture appear to be leaking on the Internet ahead of the showing.

The film will also preview at the Glasgow Film Festival, which runs at the same time, and Rob recently told a Scottish newspaper Edward would not approve of his character, Georges Duroy, in “Bel Ami.”

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Rob loved the role because he finally got to play a villain.. “My Bel Ami guy doesn’t have a conscience,” he told the Edinburgh Herald newspaper in Scotland.

“Most fictional characters are driven by some target, but he is like a reverse character. He’s so content to do nothing and thinks everything should just be given to him,” he says, explaining his character.

“But if someone slights him, or directs any insult at him, the most overwhelming energy grabs him and he turns into this absolute devil who will do anything.”

In the clip, Rob is in his 19th century finery, top hat and tails, has he walks down a Paris street pursued by Thomas, who plays Madame Walter. She’s an older society woman who Duroy seduces and then wants nothing to do with her.

She is pursuing him down the street trying to win back his affection. She calls him a pet name, but he brushes her off. “You shouldn’t have seduced me,” she sulks. “You should have left me where I was, a happy and faithful wife.”

When she tells him she has some important news “to your advantage” about her husband, she finally has his attention.

“Bel Ami” will hold its world premiere in Berlin on Feb. 17, and will also screen at the Glasgow festival, which runs from Feb. 16 to Feb. 26. He stars with Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman and Kristen Scott Thomas. Thurman and Ricci are scheduled to be in Berlin as well.

Check out the clip below.