Michelle Obama Hilariously Whups Jimmy Fallon (watch) 1First Lady Michelle Obama said she was petty much willing to make a complete fool of herself to promote her “Let’s Move” campaign. So Jimmy Fallon couldn’t help but accept the challenge. He pays a visit to the White House in this hilarious clip.

“That part about making a fool of herself to make kids get moving, I connected with that,” Fallon said. “I make of fool of myself every night so I decided to go down there to help the First Lady out.”

By down there, of course, Fallon meant Washington, D.C. and the White House. The talk show host cuts to his clip, and it shows him walking down a corridor of in the East Wing. Why he’s whispering is anyone’s guess. Maybe, that’s just what you do in the White House.

In any event he only gets as far as a secret service agent. His NBC employee identity tag and a Dave and Buster’s gift card doesn’t seem to cut it. But just when he’s about to get the boot, along comes Michelle to the rescue.

Fallon does a few quick changes to get into the right clothes. Michelle nixes the electric blue unitard, so he goes with a black track suit. Then, the competition is on.

First came the stair race, then pushups and hula-hoops. A tug of war in the Diplomatic Reception Room was followed by a round of dodge ball. In the big finale, the first lady edges out Fallon in a potato-sack race.

Obama’s appearance Tuesday on NBC’s “Late Night” marked the second anniversary of her “Let’s Move!” initiative to fight childhood obesity. Check it out below: