Symone Black Tumbles, Literally, on American Idol (watch) 1Symone Black, a promising young singer on “American Idol,” got the judge’s attention in more ways than one when she fell off the stage during Hollywood tryouts. Oddly, none of the judges rushed to her aid.

Was it an act? It definitely didn’t look like it. But Black won last night’s sympathy vote. The 16-year-old sang a rendition of Otis Redding’s “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.”

After she finished a few verses, she started chatting with the judges. She said she chose the song to appeal to an older audience. But judge Randy Jackson seemed to take offense at that. “You sayin’ that we’re older?”

Well, yeah. After all, Randy, you’re 55.

Symone pace nervously and inched forward before she stepped off the stage and hit the floor.

“Man,” said judge Steven Tyler, shaking his head. He knows what it feels like. He’s fallen off a few stages in his time. Yet, he just sat there.

Judges Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez both stood and gaped at the scene, but did nothing initially to help Black. Her father was in the audience and was caught on camera gasping.

Oddly, the camera man had enough presence to catch him in the act. Was there something staged about this? Plus, are the judges that self-absorbed that they didn’t even lift a finger to help?

“She hit her head,” says Tyler, nonchalantly.

It’s hard to say, but one thing is certain; the show isn’t letting this ratings grabber slip away.

Host Ryan Seacrest bellowed: “Tomorrow night, find out what happens to Symone.”

Check out the video below. Real or staged? Let us know your thoughts.