Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Twilight Called 'Evil' (watch!) 1Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can definitely strike Televangelist Pat Robertson from their list of “Twilight” fans. Why? Because he believes the Twilight movies open up young girls to demonic possession. Honest!

Robertson, 81, was doing a Q&A session on his Christian Broadcasting Network show when he was asked to respond to question from a viewer named “Kathy.”

“I was never into vampire movies until my friend introduced me to ‘Twilight.’ Since then, I’ve watched all of the movies. Somebody told me these movies are evil and a part of witchcraft. Am I opening a door to the occult by watching Twilight?”

Robertson responded by recalling that some people he’s familiar with encountered a “[girl] who was demon possessed.” Of course that led to a good old fashion exorcism, and a casual chat with the demon.

“You know what the demon said?” Robertson asked. “I had permission. I had permission!” And who would do such a thing as give their permission?

The demon said, according to Robertson, that he got permission from a “particular movie… It opened the door to demonic power,” he exclaimed.

“Yes, I think those vampire movies are evil. There are no vampires. The whole thing is demonic. It will open the door to the occult. You don’t want to open any doors, because you don’t know what kind of a demon’s out there who says, ‘So you opened the door, you gave me permission.'” he said.

This from a person who believes in witches, demons and evil spirits, but somehow not vampires?

Just for the record, Robertson believes the “Harry Potter” movies are also demonic, and he cautions against playing with Ouija boards lest you conjure up an evil spirit.

He also advises that it’s okay to live next to a cemetery as long as there are no witches there holding covens. And, he tells followers to avoid Halloween at all costs. “It’s Satan’s night, it’s the night for the devil.”

This may be the 21st century, but if Robertson had his way we’d be hanging people or dunking them in drowning pools, just like the 17th century Salem witch trials.