Gleeks Sing Greatest Love Songs to Honor the Heart (watch!) 1Whether it’s Finn and Rachel, or Kurt and Blaine, relationships are at the forefront on the Valentine’s Day episode of Fox’s hit show “Glee.” And, love songs fill the air. In fact, Mr. Schue made that his assignment: Sing the greatest love songs.

On the show, Rachel’s (Lea Michelle) gay dads, (Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell) are perplexed about Finn’s (Corey Monteith) engagement proposal to Rachel.

They think they can get on top of the situation by employing some reverse psychology. While the seemingly support the union, they secretly hope to break them up.

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They invite Finn to stay over, and the couple find out that living together might not be as easy as it seems.

The begin arguing over everything from who gets to use the bathroom when to how they plan to live together when the both move to New York to pursue stage careers. But they weather the storm and make up with a kiss. The wedding is still on!

The kids are only mildly supportive. “I support your decision to be unhappy with Finn for the rest of your life,” says cheeky Santana (Naya Rivera).

No one has more of an on/off relationship than Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana. So how will they spend Valentine’s Day? Santana enlists new student Joseph Heart a devout Christian to deliver a singing telegram to Brittany.

Heart, played by “The Glee Project” winner Samuel Larsen, joins the reformed God Squad, Quinn, Mercedes and Sam, and they hash out their thoughts on gay love. Joe admits he never met a gay person before and has trouble rationalizing the request. But in the end the God Squad performs “Cherish” for Brittany.

Mercedes (Amber Riley) is having mixed feelings about Sam (Chord Overstreet). She found the courage to profess her love, but found herself torn between Sam and Shane (LaMarcus Tinker). So she decides to go it alone.

Mercedes sings “I Will Always Love You” in the choir room and does justice to Whitney Houston’s song. She brings tears to everyone’s eyes, and it’s hard not to think about the tragic loss of such a great singer last Saturday.

Sugar (Vanessa Lengies) creates problems when she invites everyone to a couples-only Valentine’s Day party host by her rich daddy at Breadsticks. Trouble is she doesn’t have a date, and both Artie (Kevin McHale) and exchange student Rory, played by Glee Project co-winner Damian McGinty, want to go with her.

Artie sings “Let Me Love You” to Sugar, and she’s won over. But she can’t resist Rory either when he says he’s returning to Ireland at the end of the school year and sings Michael Buble’s “Home.”

With all the love in the air, Kurt (Chris Colfer) can only think about Blaine (Darren Criss). But he’s puzzled when he starts receiving letters from an unnamed admirer. He thinks its Blaine, but it turns out to be school bully Dave Karofsky (Matt Adler). Kurt’s not having it, but Dave can’t understand why.

Love is definitely confusing. So, stay tuned.